Linden Hill Elementary School Educational Fundraiser

What’s good Linden Hill Elementary School supporters? A school fundraiser based on selling membership access to locally grown, Jersey fresh produce. That’s what!  

CSA Memberships sold to date: Count Coming Soon!


CSA Memberships needed to earn a hydroponic grow tower for our school: 100

Whether you purchase a fresh box of produce each month, bi-weekly, or weekly every purchase helps the students reach their goals. Not to mention, you’re already purchasing from the grocery store so why not consider supporting our farm to help the children in our community?

We’re proud to announce your school is the first among a select group that has unique access to our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program. As part of giving back to our community and fostering a healthy lifestyle among our local children, we’re donating 40% of our regular membership fee plus 10% of all future box purchases directly back to your school for purchasing books, paper, technology, whatever. We’ll also be implementing hands-on gardening instructions and in-school hydroponic setups to teach the children new methods of farming.


Think about it, you don’t have to settle for grocery store produce any longer, it’s just picked, delivered to your doorstep, and we can all support education in our community without doing anything extra.  All we need is your support!

Join Our Community

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