How Does Our Billing System Work?

In a perfect world we would have a website like with the delivery logistics of Fedex or UPS however the problem with that is Amazon’s website costs millions of dollars and those delivery companies have decades of logistical experience along with state of the art routing software.  With that being said, we feel we can do a really good job  in providing you online ordering and account management while efficiently delivering your fresh produce to your doorstep.

To accomplish this, we have invested $15,000 to $20,000 in our website custom reporting sand functionality in the back of the site (that you do not see visually) specific for your CSA.  Is it perfect? No it is not, however it works really well for our current setup.

In the video below we will discuss the following information about our billing system:

  1. How our “cut off” ordering day works.
  2. When delivery reports are generated.
  3. How our billing system works.
  4. How our billing and delivery system work together.
  5. How our routing software works.
  6. When you will receive your box on your doorstep.

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