Box Plans

We offer a simple, straight forward box offering through your CSA:

Mini Box – great for a retired couple or single individual.

Standard Box – a nice amount of vegetables for the week.

We have two box plans you can choose from:

Plan 1 (weekly delivery) – Mini Box is $19 & Standard Box is $25

Plan 2 (bi-weekly delivery) – Mini Box is $24 & Standard Box is $30

We also offer “Add-ons” that you can add to your box order whenever you want if you want some extra produce or local meats.  We off add-ons like:



Cantaloupe & Other Fruits

Local Honey

Grass Fed/AntiBiotic Free Meats

Plus Much More!

You can switch between plans throughout the year if your eating habits change. If you go on vacation you can “pause” your box plan.

Check out the video series below to help guide you through our most asked questions.

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