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Your CSA

We approach things a little differently than most traditional CSAs – and that’s why our members choose us.

There’s so many things to consider when selecting a CSA. Is there a large upfront financial commitment to get started? Are you required to pick up your produce from the farm? Are you obligated to get a box every week even if you can’t eat it all? Can you change your plan throughout the season to meet your consumption needs? Can you pause your box delivery if you go on vacation?

People choose Sorbello Farms CSA for many reasons. We deliver your box to your doorstep. We have several flexible box plans to meet all age demographics. We require a minimal $25 membership fee to participate. You can pause your box plan if you go on vacation.  We consider our CSA the new way to CSA!

CSA Stands For Community Supported Agriculture

To us, community supported agriculture is about many things:

First, we believe our members should have access to freshest produce possible. When produce is “in season” locally your box will reflect it and when our season is finished we will bring you produce from other prime regions in the country.

Second, we believe people should know where their produce is grown, how it is grown, and who is actually growing it.

Third, we believe in giving back to communities who support our family farm.  Teaching our members how their produce is grown, sharing our weekly creations & recipes, while developing ways to give back to our communities through our CSA is a passion to us.

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    Where Do Your Vegetables Come From & How Fresh Are They?

    The term local isn’t often what you think.  When the New Jersey growing season launches, local means grown in New Jersey on our farms or partner farms. To some grocery stores produce grown along the entire East Coast is considered local while others may source from a multi-state region.  You would think the term “local” means just that, grown only miles away from your home. Wild right?

    In the winter we will give you access to produce from the prime growing regions when it’s their “local season.”  That means we bring their local produce to your doorstep at it’s peak.


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      How About Having Your Own Personal Farm For Your Family?

      The next time you go to the grocery store politely ask how much of their product is genuinely grown locally during the peak growing season.  The sorry fact most is workers have no clue!

      Grocery stores may purchase a small amount of produce locally during the normal growing season but most times they settle for the cheapest sources available no matter where they are coming from geographically.

      With Sorbello Farms CSA you will always have the assurance of knowing all your produce is grown in New Jersey during the traditional growing season.  Our CSA is like having your own personal farm and farmers.  At Sorbello Farms CSA we don’t have customers, we have partners, and our partners are family.  Why not join our family?

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      Why Choose Sorbello Farms CSA Program?

      Because we’re the real deal. Follow our daily activities and growing practices on our Facebook Page to monitor what’s happening on your farm.  Visit our farms during our member tours and we’re happy to show you right where that delicious tomato, that sweet peach, and those crunchy greens were harvested the day before they were delivered to your doorstep.

      We’ve been growing responsibly since the 1930’s and have earned the reputation as being one of the top vegetable farms in New Jersey.  We’ve focused on quality, integrity, family since we started and take food safety very seriously.  Our facility and harvesting process has been inspected multiple times each year since 2005 and Sorbello Farms CSA was one of the first farms in New Jersey to adopt a food safety plan.

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      How Does Our Program Work?

      • First, become a member. Process your $25 membership fee so you can purchase boxes of fruits & vegetables from our CSA for a one year period.
      • Second, choose your box size & delivery plan. Once a member, you will choose either a Mini Box (starting at $19) or Standard Box (starting at $25) and select weekly or bi-weekly delivery.
      • You can add extra Jersey produce, non-Jersey produce, or local grass fed/antibiotic free meats to your box.

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      Join Our Community

      Become our partner today to learn more about your farm, your produce, and much more.